Ingress is an augmented-reality game created by the Niantic Labs team formerly at Google. The plot centers around a new kind of matter dubbed 'exotic matter', discovered at CERN.

It turns out to have highly unusual properties, and is connected to a mysterious alien intelligence known as the 'Shapers'. In the wake of the discovery, a secret project called the Niantic Project was established to study the effects of Exotic Matter on the human mind and how it connects to the Shapers. Gameplay is centered around visiting portal locations in the real world and then interacting with them.

Players can hack portals for supplies, as well as install Resonators to align them to their faction. If the portal is aligned to the enemy faction, the player can attempt to destroy its Resonators to neutralize the portal for seizure by the player's faction, although the player is vulnerable to being attacked in the process.

A new version of the game, Ingress Prime, was released on November 5th, Additionally, all existing player profiles freely carry over from classic Ingress to Prime.

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An anime adaptation to go along with Prime, produced by Studio Crafter under the direction of Yuhei Sakuragi and with character designs by Takeshi Honda aired in October with worldwide streaming from Netflix on April 30, Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Bogdanovich: " We watched a movie once, when we were stuck in that cabin near Jungefraujoch. We were totally alone. It was the only English-language DVD in the cabinet I'll meet you at the place where?

After a victory like that, I hope Resistance morale is high. It's proof that under the toughest circumstances, we are nimble, powerful and united. Show Spoilers.A tadpole is a lower level member of the Enlightened Ingress Team. These secrets will help you to better understand the game at an early level to rapidly propel your growth to a Level 8 Frog on your way to Level We've also added links to great Ingress sites which will provide instruction, passcodes for bonus gear, and other help.

These secrets aren't secret once you know them and you are encouraged to share them. These are some facts that you might not know about early on. The earlier you gain this knowledge, the quicker you'll advance.

Join a local Ingress Community This is very important as it will give you a greater enjoyment of the game and you'll meet a lot of new friends that want to help you succeed. If you're an Enlightened team member, you have access to millions of other players who are ready, willing, and able to help you learn the game and advance.

There are some in your town. I guarantee it. You just need to find them, or acknowledge them when they find you. Often, if they see you playing they will send you an invite you via your COMM to join their local chat rooms. You'll have opportunities to attend gaming parties and other get-togethers. Team Up Going solo is fun, but teaming up to Ingress together brings another dimension of fun and cooperation to help you advance.

You are then expected to draw the glyphs in the same order in a very short period of time. You earn extra gear for each glyph you get right.

If you get them all correct you will also a time bonus which gives you even more gear. You have nothing to lose. Even if you only get one glyph right, you get more gear. You'll suck at this at first. Don't worry. You will get better the more you glyph hack.Passcodes are codes that can be redeemed to gain Inventory items and they often also give a small amount of XM and Access Points.

Items can vary in level; most current codes give items the same level as the agent up to L8. Mods and other non-level items are usually between Common and Rare mods.

Passcodes can be found hidden in various Ingress and Niantic Releases. The original source of them was P. Chapeau's The Sphere of Weirdnessa blog found at nianticproject. Passcodes were hidden as ciphers, hidden as pixels in an image, or sometimes in plaintext.

Passcodes are a public release, and lists of them are documented on many sites. But in order to keep the codes by being over-used, Ingress puts both an expiration date and a use counter on most passcodes. Depending on where a passcode is gotten from, and what it contains, they can have longer or shorter availability.

Ingress Prime Passcodes

The age of a passcode can often be inferred by its encryption scheme. The newest passcodes as of Feb are in the format:. However, most passcodes you will find on the internet as of Aug will have the following format:.

Many of these are expired. In the Ingress Intel Map online, use the "Passcode" link above the location search in the upper right hand corner of the map. However, overuse of this will result in overheating and a time limit will be set before further use can be had.

This cooldown does not affect the Scanner. Here is an up-to-date list of all functional passcodes known to be working last check Peter CZ. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Ingress passcode entry in game. Contents [ show ]. Please help maintaining this list: Keep passcodes that give error "Passcode already redeemed " these still work for other users Remove passcodes that give error "Passcode fully redeemed ". Categories :.

Cancel Save. Frequently shortened to FR in chats. You personally have already used this passcode. The passcode is still valid for other agents who have not used it. Wait for cool down to enter another passcode. Too many passcodes used in a short time for example 15 in a row.

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The Agent should wait some time before redeeming any more codes. According to community analysis, this is somewhere around 4 hours, but not consistently.

There's a temporary error with this passcode, try again later. This usually happens when many agents are trying to redeem the passcode at the same time.


All Agents below Level 8 should add their level with the Template:Level in square brackets behind the passcode to indicate that level details might vary.This has been talked about several times.

Good feedback. We can't even enter passcodes on iOS Prime I think scrolling in the Store is not very smooth; improving this may help. Still, grouping "getting gear" together is reasonable, IMO. I don't think this would be as much of a problem if the passcode servers were more responsive.

From my experience when I see a code you need to enter it as fast as possible where Redacted has an advantage over Prime to successfully redeem it before the redeems reach critical mass and it'll be FR by the time you can enter it successfully without an error.

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NianticScot When the backend is upgraded will we see improvements on passcode redemption or do you think it's just something that's part and parcel of the process - whereby you need to be within a minute or so of redeeming it when it's released. I think the passcode box is fine where it is. Giving such a rarely-used function its own button would be a waste of UI space.

Save the buttons for things that are actually important. I agree with putting the passcode entry at the top of the store. At this point it's easier to claim via Intel. Hol' up just one second. One of the things I like about Prime is going through the shop to punch in passcodes. I'd like Niantic to actually get paid, and their shop is evidence of terrible marketing, which encourages me to help the poor old dears revise their game.

Discussion Move passcode in Prime. What to search polls discussions comments questions answers. June in App Feedback. Please move passcode outside from shop in Prime! Tagged: Niantic. June Agreed, it's hard to find it under the store. Or at least at the top of the store not bottom. Not something Niantic can do anything about.

Take it out. June edited June Sign In or Register to comment.Lawson Power Cube x Destroy any Ingress Portal. XMP Bursters L8 x Destroyer Pack L8 x Aegis Shield x AXA. Portal Shield Very Rare x Do you have enemy? Fast transfer via temporary L3 account. You will receive account login and password in hours after payment. All the items you just bought will be in that account.

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All enquiries are answered within 3 working hours. We have discounts and sales for everyone! Using our Ingress Item Shop, you can choose the items you need, and you will receive them with no efforts! Alot Ingress agents have already taken an advantage of buying ingress items from us.

Everything is Legal! To place an order, it is enough to choose what gear you need and buy it in the right amount, having paid for it in the way convenient for you. We guarantee the safety of your transactions. Many people do not have enough time to farm, and it is much easier to buy ingress XMP bursters or Portal Shields than to get it in the gameplay.

Actually for agents engaged in gameplay in their free time from work and study. Do not waste your time if you want to truly enjoy the world of Ingress Prime Game without prejudice to family, work and study. Buy ingress items and get real pleasure from a comfortable game.

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ingress prime passcodes

Are you ready for the best Ingress Banner ever? If you are against the system, if you are the chosen one, then you are at right website now! Hello Agents. You can use these passcodes on your game scanner or from Intel Map.

Customers Rating:. Add to cart More. Power Cube L8 x Ultra Strike L8 x Rare Portal Shield x ADA duplication Pack. AXA duplication Pack. Attack Bundle Rare. Defense Bundle Rare. Power Bundle Rare.

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Portal Keys Farming x1. Resonators L8 x What to search polls discussions comments questions answers. The Investigation What is the Niantic Project? Beware the rabbit hole. The world around you is not what it seems. Category List. The Tessellation. Truthseeker Dossier. Questions for Nemesis. Dunraven Videos. Announcement Niantic 1.

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Tessalation Table update 28Days. Nemesis's Story - Round 9 Tesserae intel. Fix passcodes before next "Which faction posts more screens on this forum". Niantic Files and Ingress related reading material.

So what does Perpetua resemble? Investigation related media. Who is this Dr Wright person everyone is mentioning? Every Few Decades. Remaining Livestream Candidates?

Summary of Research: The 13 Magnus. EXO5 - What did it mean? Is the universe flat or a ball? Vesuvius, pompeii and a glass brain?

ingress prime passcodes

Lost city in rural Kansas. What's your harmonic resonance? Investigations around the world. Progression of the Archetypes to the Formation of a Magnus.

ingress prime passcodes

Jan media clues. Found a clue.Ingress is the game that enabled Niantic to take the lead in location-based augmented reality.

The smartphone game has players roaming the city and the countryside marketing down places of interest to transform them into in-game portals. This database of knowledge is what enabled Pokemon Go to have gyms. This lack of information is why competitors like Delta T to have to rethink the model and make their version of portals a mobile asset instead. This same heritage of assets and technology needs to be maintained. With Ingress 2. This means they will look again at raising the current agent level cap from 16 to something higher.

Geek Native has speculated they would do this before and got it wrong. It looks like server upgrades were needed to enable the new feature. The server upgrade will enable the new levels to come to the game. This news will divide the Ingress community.

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Are you collecting AP? Or will there be a new levelling mechanic? What do you think about the prospect of new levels and other new features arriving by the time Niantic upgrade to Ingress Prime 1. He did a really good job and made it very clear he was making no promises and was not in the position to do so. Where are the L9-L16 resonators and bursters?! I was thinking the same thing. I used to live submitting portals while traveling but they took that away.

You can submit portals, but in my area, they will probably be rejected, no matter what quality. Ingress is nothing but a bot game!